Chris Hurley Kayaks


Kayak designed for the experienced paddler who weighs up to 85 kilos.

This craft is very fast and turns exceptionally well.

Kayak is suitable for paddlers up to 90 kilos and is currently being used by both novice and experienced paddlers in this class.This model is very suitable for both the Masters Paddler and also the young elite paddler. Feedback comments range from very fast, very forgiving manoeuvres and turns well, making this the ideal craft for both marathon and sprint paddlers.

Designed to be a stable K1 kayak suitable for paddlers to 85 kilos and considered a good all rounder featuring a wider seating area for added comfort.

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Nitro K1

Nitro k1

Bandit k1

hornet k1

Bandit K1

Hornet K1